Master 3000 (Yachts) - Issue Date: 08-Dec-14 (Revalidation Date: 26-Nov-24)
Cayman Islands Masters Endorsement - Issue Date: 24-Nov-2015 (Revalidation Date: 26-Nov-24)
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean - Issue Date: 10-Dec-08
Ships Security Officer (SSO) - Issue Date: 09-Dec-09
Certificate Of Proficiency In Designated Security Duties - Issue Date: 07-Dec-13
Advanced Fire Fighting - Issue Date: 12-Oct-2007 (Revalidation Date: 29-Mar-27)
GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC) - Issue Date: 8-Oct-07 (Revalidation Date: 26-Nov-24)
Person In Charge Of Medical Care On Board Ship - Issue Date: 22-Feb-13 (Revalidation Date: 9-Jan-28)
Cayman Law & Procedures (LAP) - Issue Date: 30-Nov-09
ECDIS - Issue Date: 10-Jan-2014
Transas - Issue Date: 08-Aug-2019 (Revalidation Date: 07-Aug-24)
HELM (Management) - 15-May-14
STCW95 - (Revalidation Date: March 2027)

ENG1 - No Restrictions (Renewal October 2024)
Full Clean British Drivers Licence
Triple COVID Vaccinated